A Part of the Community
"I love Layton. It's in my blood. That's why I choose to raise my family here. That's why I choose to serve the people here."

Jory is a husband to Shelley Lundberg Francis. He is the father of four young children: Gardner, Lily, Spencer, and Charlie. Jory and his family live in West Layton. Jory attended high school at Viewmont High school in Bountiful, Utah, and graduated college at Westminster College in Salt Lake City.

Layton City Council

Jory was honored to be elected to a seat on the Layton City Council in November of 2011, and very much enjoys serving the citizens of Layton in this capacity.

Local Business

Jory founded Yusef Laboratories in 2003 with business partners Fielding Smith, Stephen Lundberg and Lloyd Parkinson. Jory is the President of the company. The company started in West Kaysville’s Barnes Business park and now is located in Clearfield’s West Freeport Center. The company was started with the savings of the principles and to this day has never taken on any investors or any long-term bank notes. By plowing earnings back into the company they have grown to over 60 employees and currently sell the personal care items manufactured by the company in every state in the United States of America. The focus of the company is to keep well deserved manufacturing jobs here in Davis County, and not in China.